Market of interest and applications

Due to the use of the highest grade of Carbon steel, forged steel, 316ss , 17.4 Phduplex alloys, and thanks to the improved design of scotch yoke actuators, actuator products are often found operating:

-          On offshore platforms located in the swirling North sea, in the Mediterranean, In South East Asia , in Asia, in Oceania , in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Brazil

-          On gas pipelines in the middle east

-          On oil pipelines in the middle east

-          In desalination plants in aggressive brine applications in hot humid marine locations, in the Middle East and Europe

-          In cold artic conditions on gas pipelines and in far north plants

-          In PTA plants with corrosive environments

-          In LNG plants and on LNG carriers

-          In Petrochemical plants and Chemical plants located in Asia, South East Asia, North Africa and South Africa

-          In HIPPS applications

-          In Turbine trip applications 0.1 seconds fail safe

-          In Power plants modulating steam valves

-          In Water treatment plants

-          In solar power plants generating renewable energy

-          In shipbuilding both topsides and operating submerged ballasting valves

-          At the bottom of the sea


Actuator companies are in accordance with European directive 94/9/EC art. 8.1.b.ii group II category 2 – ATEX , the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23//EC and SIL certified.

Valve  & Actuator Testing

After position setting on free issued valves, all actuators and control systems are tested according to all standards requested and actuator manufacturer internal test procedures, which include: operational test, static and dynamic leakage tests and torque testing


-          Pneumatic Actuators

-          Hydraulic  Actuators

-          Electro Hydraulic  Control Actuators

-          Gas Over Oil Actuators

-          Electric Actuators

-          High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

-          Sub Sea

-          Hydraulic Dampers

-          Control Systems

-          Instrument Gas Systems

-          Passive Fire Protection


Focus on HIPPS

High Integrity Pressure Protection System

The function of HIPPS is to protect the downstream equipment and to prevent the loss of containment against overpressure by closing the source

The loss of containment can result in:

impact to human life and the environment, when flammable, explosive, or toxic chemicals are released to the atmosphere

economic impact due to production unit replacement/repair costs and production losses

Independent and reliable systems, that shall operate on a higher Level than Process Shut Down and Emergency Shut Down.

Typical functional test for HIPPS actuation

-          Cylinder leak test

-          Piston Leak test

-          Actuator Cycling tests (available on request)

-          Complete functional test

-          Fail action speed checking

-          Leakage test (Duration)

-          Torque Tests

-          Performance test at min / max supply pressure

-          Operating under load test (available on request)

-          Performance after Cycling Test

-          Repeat pressure test

-          Visual inspection

-          Standard Oil Cleanliness level NAS 6 (other level if required)


Focus on Electro Hydraulic System

Electro hydraulic system is suitable for both on/off, total modulating service, partial stroke testing and can achieve an ultra fast fail safe stroke within < 200 ms by means of special integrated hydraulic discharge system complete with end of stroke hydraulic damper.

Technical details

-  ESD – Emergency Shut Down Operation

-  PST – Partial Stroke Test in Local/Remote mode

-  Output torque control by pressure monitoring

-  Manual override by means of integrated local hand pump

-  Free adjustable stroking times for open/close

An Advanced Intelligent Electro Hydraulic Control System allows specific valve angular position
control suitable for modulating service, partial stroke testing and normal ON/OFF operation as well as allowing a series of information exchange by means of status signals provided by power output contacts as described below:

-  General on-line availability

-  General fault message alarm

-  Motor operation signal

-  Motor failure alarm by motor circuit breaker

-  Hydraulic tank minimum oil-level alarm

-  Accumulator- Low – Hydraulic-Pressure alarm

-  Valve open position by SPDT switch

-  Valve close position by SPDT switch

-  Additional Signals can be added on request

IHP – Integrated Hydraulic Positioner provides based on standardized analogue signals fully modulating or simple ON/OFF service.